Entrainment Consulting
About Us

About Us

At Entrainment Consulting, our mission is crystal clear – to craft residential electronic systems that seamlessly intertwine with the way people live and embrace technology. The term “entrainment,” borrowed from realms spanning physics to music, captures the essence of synchronizing diverse rhythms into one harmonious beat.

Christopher Johnson, Principal Consultant

Our compass guides us towards understanding the intricate interplay of human factors and user experiences when it comes to technology at home. Armed with this insight, we embark on each project to create tailored solutions that fit like a glove.

In our universe, everything revolves around the homeowner – their aspirations, their family’s needs, and the way they intend to inhabit their space. We’re not just consultants; we’re partners in making your tech dreams a living reality.

To ensure absolute purity in our focus, we’ve taken an unwavering stance. We don’t sell equipment, nor do we represent specific manufacturers. This means our loyalty is solely to you and your unique needs.

Welcome to Entrainment Consulting.


Christopher Todd Johnson, CTS-D

Principal Consultant

With a trailblazing journey spanning back to 1995, Christopher has been orchestrating integrated electronic systems that redefine possibilities. Having honed his craft with some of the nation’s finest integration firms, he engineers cutting-edge systems that blur the line between imagination and reality.

From Silicon Valley to government agencies, Christopher’s legacy includes crafting the most advanced systems on the global stage. With a portfolio ranging from sprawling 40,000-square-foot homes to multi-state commercial ventures, he’s etched his mark as a visionary in both realms.

But it’s not just about what works – it’s about what truly resonates. His experiences unveiled a truth: technology must seamlessly align with the rhythm of human lives. And thus, Entrainment Consulting was born – a haven of pure design excellence, shaping human-centric systems that embrace and enhance your every interaction.

Christopher’s expertise is profound, holding the esteemed ANSI/ISO-accredited InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist in Design (CTS-D) and the CEDIA Home Theater Design Specialist (HTDS) certifications. His name is synonymous with standards development, contributing to the creation of global design benchmarks.

Passion meets precision in Christopher’s approach. He understands that behind every project are human stories, and he weaves his designs from this perspective. Ready to amplify your technology journey? Contact us, and let a passionate technology designer join your team.