Entrainment Consulting was created to design residential electronic systems that are aligned with how people live and use technology.  The word "entrainment" is applied to many different scientific fields from physics to music describing how disparate rhythms can be synchronized into one simple rhythm.  Our goal is to understand the human factors and user experiences relating to how people use technology at home, apply this understanding to specific projects, and then design great fit-to-need solutions.

It is our belief that everything must be designed from the perspective of the homeowner, their family, and how they will live in the home.  We must be on the homeowner's team and stay narrowly focused on their needs.  Therefore, we do not sell any equipment or represent any particular manufacturer, nor do we accept any considerations that might compromise the purity of our focus.


Christopher Todd Johnson, CTS-D
Principal Consultant

Christopher has been engineering integrated electronic systems since 1995 while working for some of the best systems integration firms in the country.  Christopher has designed and engineered some of the most advanced systems in the world for clients ranging from Silicon Valley icons to large government agencies.  He has designed and executed hundreds of projects for homes as large as 40,000 square feet as well as multi-state commercial projects.  During this time he developed a deep understanding of what worked, and what doesn't work.  Those experiences drove him to found Entrainment Consulting, a pure design firm with the goal of designing and delivering excellent, human-centric electronic systems that are responsive and comfortable to those who use them.

Since 2005, Christopher has held the ANSI/ISO-accredited InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist in Design (CTS-D) credential.  He was one of the first one hundred individuals worldwide to achieve the CTS-D certification.  He also holds the CEDIA Home Theater Design Specialist (HTDS) certification.  Christopher is the only person globally who holds both certifications.  In addition, Christopher was a member of the development team for the ANSI/InfoComm 3M-2011 Projected Image System Contrast Ratio standard, a key global design standard.

Christopher approaches challenging projects with passion and precision.  He understands that human factors drive usage and begins his designs from this perspective.  Contact us and put a passionate technology designer on your team.