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entrainment - in-ˈtrān-mənt/noun

At Entrainment Consulting, we're your dedicated companions in crafting seamlessly integrated technology solutions for the premium residential sector.

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Entrainment Consulting

Entrainment Consulting is an independent technology consulting firm serving architects, interior designers, developers, and individuals.  Technology systems in the modern built environment can represent a significant investment. We optimize the value of that investment and make sure your financial outlay is well directed. And we do this in an impartial, brand-neutral fashion.  We have developed a business model that has no financial ties to any particular manufacturer or vendor and we are thus able to serve as a reliable technical advisor for our clients and their projects.

Free from the bias inherent in vending equipment and software, we objectively evaluate the needs of our clients and carefully design solutions that balance their unique requirements with the architectural setting and budget.  This allows us to work closely with our clients to specify the most appropriate systems and software from the vast number of options available.

Our approach to design is holistic.  We objectively inform our work with human factors, science, and the thoughtful application of industry standards.  Our background is design and engineering, not sales.  We are driven by passion for innovative design and helping our clients successfully infuse their projects with technology that they can appreciate every day.  Our documentation is clear and detailed to ensure that vendors and affected trades can efficiently return competitive bids and deliver on the design intent.

We serve most of the California coast, including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Corona del Mar, Del Mar, Laguna Beach, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Newport Coast, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay area.


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